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Aqua nodded. "Good idea, lets go." After that Ghost led Lyra and Akemi to her house and Aqua floated above them, out of eyesight.

Back at Ghost's house, everyone, even Akemi, wanted to know what Lyra was hiding from them. "Was it something bad?" "Hurry up and tell us!" "Anyone want a cupcake?" "Lyra!" "Does the new kid know?" "Who is the new kid....." "Lyra why won't you tell us?"

Lyra was tired, and fed up with everyone. "EVERYONE SHUT UP!"

The room silenced immediately, and everyone's eyes turned, not to Lyra, but to Akemi, for the noise had come from her. "If you were quiet, she could explain what happened."

"Thank you" Lyra whispered to her. "Now," She addressed the situation to the whole gang. "While I was fighting the Mews I told my sister why I was fighting her and the others, which I don't want to explain again. The other three, other than Strawberry, were already out of it. I didn't bother using a chant on her, I just cut her with my sword. The wound was to her arm, but also cut a little into her arm. She's extremely injured, which is a benefit for us. It wasn't fetal, luckily for her."

No one noticed, except for Lyra, that when Ichigo's injury was mentioned Akemi flinched, fear flashing in her eyes, much brighter than the sun. As quickly as it appeared, the fear was gone; it was replaced with curiousness, wonder, confusion.

"A-aqua..." Akemi's voice was below that of a whisper, and was barley heard over the excited voices of Ghost and Lyra. Aqua heard her, for her ears where sharper than knives, and silenced the other two.

"You were saying, Akemi?" Aqua was sure to express her name because she knew Ghost didn't know it.

"Wait..." Ghost cut in. "I've heard your name before... aren't you Ichigo's best friend?"

"N-no..." Akemi's voice returned to a whisper and her eyes dropped. "Um, Aqua... What did you mean: It's my fault, I made the dark Mews? I'm not a Mew! I never was a Mew!" Her voice was getting louder every time Mew was said. "I HATE THE MEWS AND THEIR POWERS!" The moment this was screamed Akemi slumped even lower into her chair, and silent tears streamed from her eyes.

"Erm..." Aqua didn't know how to explain to her the concept of the Dark Mews,and why they where to kill the others. "I created the Dark Mew Project to destroy the Mew Mews. My people are suffering, dying, and the only thing that can same them is being guarded (Lyra, "More like stolen") by the other Five; and they don't realize that the reason Kisshu dies, that Taruto saved Pudding, and that Pai sacrificed his life to save them was for them to give up.

"Ichigo knew, but didn't want her world to 'die' because of her choices. When I rallied Ghost and Lyra, I only thought that they were the only ones created. I made sure to only genetically enhance these two... The Black Bat crossed with the Iriomote Mountain Cat and the Bald Eagle crossed with the Lynx Mountain Cat. What did you say happened again?"

"Well..." Akemi paused, trying to remember what happened. It seemed like a dream. "I was so mad..... I don't know. Energy blasts just came from my hands and destroyed my father. They were and orange-ish color, they looked a lot like fire. As I stood looking at my father's limp body, I glanced at my hands... stripes. That's what I saw."

"Stripes?!" An echoing chorus from all three of the girls. "This must surely  be our other member..." The thought hung in the air.
Part nine! (finally)
Its a little short... but its a good spot to end for the night. Please keep reading! Everything will be revealed!

Tokyo Mew Mew (c) Reiko Yoshida

Ghost, Lyra, Aqua, Akemi (c) me

Story (c) me

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